We are already preparing the Black Friday of 2021, yes, you have read well, in Misako we think about the Black Friday during aaaaall of the year. Some of you already know that it is one of our favorite dates in the calendar and we tell you that this year is going to be AMAZING!

But since we don't want to spoil the surprise factor, this is all we can tell you.


To make your wait more enjoyable, we recommend you take a seat and get settled in. Sales, flash offers, discounts... You can find the most special prices of Misako. Don't forget that in most cases these are limited units and, like all good things, they don't last forever! So hurry up and don't run out of yours.

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    1. Giralda bag

      Giralda bag

    2. Matlock hobo bag
    3. Cartujo shoulder bag
    4. Suru small tote bag with shoulder strap
    5. Mairi shoulder bag
    6. Remo shoulder bag
    7. Lenny shoulder bag
    8. Lenny-1 shoulder bag animal print
    9. Fanel shoulder bag
    10. Janinas tote bag
    11. Mamba hobo bag
    12. Jamba hobo bag
    13. Domini shoulder bag
    14. Dominique shoulder bag
    15. Pake mini bag
    16. Fedra hobo bag
    17. Deko shopper bag
    18. Balanda medium shopper bag
    19. Mairan big shopper bag
    20. Comi tote bag with cross-body
    21. Bandol bag

      Bandol bag

    22. Joey bag

      Joey bag

    23. Joey backpack
    24. Joey mini bag
    25. Atreuso mini bag
    26. Zoey small shoulder bag
    27. Atreus coins wallet
    28. Cecil small shoulder bag
    29. Filos shoulder bag
    30. Triplex shoulder bag
    31. Cushion bag

      Cushion bag

    32. Cushi bag

      Cushi bag

    33. Acita shopper bag
    34. Main bag

      Main bag

    35. Cokito tote bag with cross-body
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    Items 1-36 of 375

    per page
  • Misako Black Friday trends that you can't miss out on

    Every year, Misako prepares incredible offers for you to enjoy Black Friday the way you prefer: saving. If you are as passionate about fashion and accessories as we are, you are sure to be looking forward to Black Friday to get your favourite bags, backpacks and other accessories at an incredible price.

    Black Friday is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, and many people are looking forward to this season of discounts. Take advantage and get with the trend complements that you have been wishing all season during this November 26th. It is also the ideal time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping and prepare your presents before anyone else. Get a lot of accessories at an incredible price, and succeed in saving!


    Black Friday women's and men's accessories, renew your look

    Bags, backpacks, laptop cases and document holders, travel bags, suitcases, jewellery, scarves, cases, toiletries, and much more! All the accessories you need in your wardrobe are discounted in Misako's Black Friday. Do not let them escape: renew your wardrobe with all the fashion accessories for this season, now on sale.


    Misako brings the best sales this Black Friday!

    You are reading this text because Misako is one of your favourite brands. As it could not be otherwise, we don’t forget about Black Friday. Now it’s your time to get those special complements you love!

    Buy our products this Black Friday and save more money than ever. We have the best offers in women’s accessories.

    Purchase that loved woman backpack at the best price. Choose that laptop bag that you needed most. Get that backpack this Black Friday that has always caught your eye. There are no excuses anymore, Misako's Black Friday sales on backpacks are irresistible.

    However, there are many other articles you can get during Black Friday: in Misako you can also find all kinds of women’s purses! Do not waste the occasion because you can also acquire a gift for your boyfriend, brother or best friend. Men’s purses are also cheaper this Black Friday.

    If you want to get one Misako bag or backpack, this is your site.

    This Black Friday, bags make the difference!

    The bag is a basic in our wardrobe. Among our offers for this Black Friday, you'll find a lot of different options to renew your style: shoppers, bowlings, big and small shoulder bags, handbags, party bags... all of them available in a wide range of colours. You're sure to find what you're looking for!


    If you are one of those who go everywhere with your laptop or with documents of all kinds, you will especially enjoy our discounts on briefcases and document holders. Take this opportunity to get your favourite Misako case at a unique price, and always take it with you to class or the office.


    Do you already have a date for your next event? Whether it's a wedding, a birthday, a Christmas party or any other celebration, you want to look stunning on that day. The accessories can give the final touch to any party look, so we recommend you take advantage of our fashion discounts to take a party bag, necklace or earrings that give that special touch to your style.


    Our Black Friday also includes backpacks!

    Our backpacks are also bestsellers. We know that you love to be comfortable and stylish, that's why our backpacks also have a discount on Black Friday. Don't wait any longer to take that Misako backpack you had your eye on a while ago... now is the time! Save with our backpack discounts.


    It would be nice if you could renew your travel accessories. Is your suitcase no longer adequate? Would you like to have a travel bag for your next getaway? Or a new vanity case? Among our discounts you will also find travel accessories on offer. It's time to save on your shopping.


    Whatever you are looking for this Black Friday, you will find all the discounts on fashion accessories in Misako. Prepare your cart now and take a lot of accessories at a unique price.


    Take the opportunity to wear the trends of the moment

    If you are one of those who loves fashion trends, but you still haven't got those accessories that had caught your eye, now is your time. Our collection is full of super trendy accessories that you must get this season: XL shoppers, fanny packs, studded bags, accessories with flower prints, sport backpacks, nylon accessories, and much more!


    Prepare your wishlist now and don't miss the opportunity to get your favourite accessories at a discount. Choose the retro shoulder bag that goes so well with your favourite jumper, the perfect party bag for your next event, the wallet with the ideal format to carry all your documents and cards, the studded shopper that matches all your looks to go to the office... and get all of them during our Black Friday promotion!