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Backpacks have gained a very special space in our best-selling accessories in Misako. You want them, you asked for them and we have listened to you carefully. We have carefully expanded our backpack design so you can find yours: mini backpacks, leatherette backpacks, nylon sports backpacks, laptop backpacks... And we continue working on more models!


We want that buying on Black Friday be an experience for you, do not buy just because, our products can really cover your daily storage and / or transport needs for your personal belongings.




If you hate bags as everyday accessories and are looking for the comfort offered by a double handle on the back, you are in the right category (and if not, run to buy our bags on Black Friday sale).

The truth is that the freedom offered by backpacks is not provided by all accessories. Being able to walk hands-free allows you to do EVERYTHING without worry, even without taking your personal items out of your visual range.  In Misako we have solutions for everything and, as we have already mentioned, we work with love on all our designs. Our stars are anti-theft backpacks, although we have countless other models.


We invite you to inquire into this category and, once you have chosen a model, complement it with one of our purses on Black Friday sale, The occasion deserves it!



Laptop, graphic tablet, books, diaries, notebooks, case, keys, wallet, mobile... We could lengthen and shorten this list to create millions of possible combinations with a single common factor: they would all fit in a backpack.


At Misako we know that it is very important to be able to preserve our own style in all the elements of our look and accessories are part of it. That is why we have backpacks of very different styles: sporty, sober, fun, minimalist... In addition to the backpacks designed for him that you can buy in our men's section.


It is indisputable that work tools weigh. Being able to distribute that weight on our shoulders is very important for our body health, that is why backpacks are the perfect accessory to go to class or the office. Although, on the other hand, we also haveoffers on computer cases on our Black Friday and, without a doubt, they are a considerable alternative, since their robust and wide shoulder strap perform the same function of support and weight distribution.




Let's go to the topics openly, why not? Backpacks are the perfect allies for short breaks and training sessions. Comfortable, functional and with enough space to put your personal belongings and a spare change of clothes. If you need more storage, take a look at the travel accessories of our Black week.


At Misako we have models that are perfectly suitable for this type of activity. We recommend backpacks made of nylon since they are the lightest and will not add extra weight to your luggage. In addition, they have a very pleasant texture to the touch, are easy to clean and will withstand humidity without damage.



And finally, let's go to the other extreme and break the clichés. Backpacks can be accessories to take to events and accompany you to any special occasion. The only requirement? That they make you feel comfortable with your look. Skip all the rules and don't limit your options to classic party bags.


You could opt for small or mini-size backpacks so that they do not take away from your garments, for example those made of synthetic leather in a minimalist style for simple outfits, with studs to give it a more rocker and daring air or with fringes and trims for styles more boho chic.


In addition, we have with discounts of up to -60% on Misako fashion accessories with which you can complete your looks on this Black Friday.


As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Heed your instincts and bet on the double handle: you will not regret it.


Black Friday offers you cannot let go!

If you love fashion and woman complements, you can’t miss Black Friday sales in our women’s backpacks models.

These are undoubtedly some of the favourite articles for any girl. Backpacks are the easier way to keep everything you need in your daily life. Besides, in Misako we offer the most fashion designs based on size, commodity, and aesthetics.

Why would you walk away from our Black Friday discounts? We all need a backpack, right? both to attend college and go to work, travel or to any friend's house. In conclusion, it is the ideal accessory when you don’t want to wear a bag.

Give yourself a whim or make a gift to your loved ones. Misako Black Friday women’s backpacks are waiting for you.