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If you are one of those who cannot move without your laptop or tablet, computer carriers are ideal for you. In the Misako Black Friday you will find briefcases with great discounts so you can pamper your screens as they deserve.

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    26 Items

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    Would you protect your mobile with a pillowcase? So why do you carry your tablet or laptop in a conventional bag or backpack? Technological products deserve special care against bumps and scratches.


    This Black Friday offers you the opportunity you have been waiting for to get your laptop and document case with incredible discounts. We know that the prices of our Misako bags on Black Friday, at the same time as our discount backpacks They are very tempting, but avoid them to carry your most fragile work tools. The screens have special needs that a conventional fabric could never cover. Think for a minute about your commute from home to office and you will quickly recognize that rushing, people and the subway are not the safest places and factors for your computer.


    Our laptop bags are made of sturdy fabrics and carefully padded to absorb shocks and drops. In addition, each format has the necessary support so that your screen is perfectly grasped: pockets, velcro straps, compartments... Everything is under control!


    Most of our computer carriers offer you the possibility of being transported by hand, with its double handle or with the shoulder strap that they include. This gives your accessory great versatility so that you can wear it as best suits you and makes you feel more comfortable at all times.


    Choose format, model, color... Your laptop can go in perfect harmony with the rest of your outfit and reaffirm your style. At Misako we have the variety you need! In addition, if you are one of those who like to go together, we have complete collections of matching accessories that you can wear wherever you go.



    We still have the wrong idea that a laptop is a plus to our look. Often, we find ourselves loaded with things that could coexist in perfect harmony inside your briefcase. It is just a matter of identifying needs and choosing the right model for you. Forget the bag or backpack and take it all in one.


    Most of our briefcases have extra compartments: interior and exterior pockets, space dividers... And that makes them the perfect complement to accompany you to class or the office. Places that will require other objects such as diaries, notebooks or a pencil case. Not forgetting the smaller but equally important things like the mobile phone, the keys or the purse.

    For these occasions, we recommend that you carry a medium or smaller purse and, you're in luck! We have a very special selection of purses on Black Friday that will make you fall in love.


    If, on the contrary, you are looking for a briefcase to travel, you will find the solution in the back pockets of some of our computer carriers. At first glance it looks like a normal pocket but, if you open the bottom zipper of it, it will serve as a coupling. We explain ourselves better: you can insert the handle of your suitcase in the hole that will have an inlet and outlet on the back of your laptop. This will allow you to carry it all in one and avoid carrying annoying weight on routes or airports. If you are looking for the complete pack to travel together, we recommend you take advantage of our discounts and buy your suitcase this week Black.


    Also, if you feel little identified with drawings or geometric prints, we have the perfect selection for you: Misako's men's line. In this category you will find accessories where the sober and elegant style reigns. And if you are looking to complete your classic look, we recommend that you take advantage of the discounts for men this Black Friday. Blacks, browns and blues will take the tonic in your looks and will make it easy for you to combine clothes and create outfits.


    Once you have chosen your complement, what will you be missing? Exact! The complements. And, why fool us, purchases on Black Friday are never individual. We encourage you to discover our discounts in thisMisako Black week in our fashion accessories where you will find earrings, foulards, rings, glasses, belts... Anyway, everything!