We know you were looking forward to this moment. No more excuses: you just deserve that new bag.

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Bags are the star accessory in black friday deals by Misako. We have them for all tastes and colors: Shoppers, crossbody bags, mini bags… Sizes doesn't matter! As we have already told you, we have them ALL.


We have been preparing this Black Friday with love and dedication for many months and we know that this year you only deserve good news.



Well yes, of course you should buy that bag (unless what you want is buy you a backpack which, in that case: OF COURSE YOU SHOULD BUY A BACKPACK). In fact, there is no better time than now to do it. You've had years of training prior to realizing that looks don't complete on their own. There are countless different occasions when you will need a good companion in your hand or on your shoulder and now you can do it at the best price. We all know that those "when the date approaches I buy it" are never fulfilled and you end up rescuing relics from the closet (your own or someone else's) that help you get out of trouble but not dazzle you.


How long have you been waiting for the Black Friday sales on handbags?

We'll refresh your memory just in case... What bag did you take with you on the first day of class? And in the office? That event? What about that trip? How many times have you checked your mother's or sister's wardrobe? How many times have you gone to your friend's house expecting a miracle? We could go on, but you will agree that you have put your hands to your head on more than one of the above occasions.


And we could add the problem of the purse and accessories but we will swim later in those waters, Misako’s  Black Friday discounted wallets are irresistible and, in addition, we have all fashion accessories black discounted.


Let's start again and answer yourself internally: SHOULD YOU BUY THAT BAG?


3, 2, 1… OF COURSE!


And if, in addition, you need an extra excuse... We all agree that the elbow, pocket and neck are not an option to store the mask, right? Don't think twice, you need a bag!



Of course. Well, you can actually save some money buying Christmas and the future birthday gifts. Think about it!


Thinking about yourself is the most important followed by thinking about others, especially if it is about those people love you.


Take advantage of our Black Friday offers and get a head start on your Christmas shopping.

When we have to make a gift that involves something as personal as choosing an accessory, we must consider the style of that person. With this, we want to let you know that you don’t have to stuck in bags because at Misako we have more: MUCH MORE. For example, if you are someone who usually dresses in elegant office looks and always carries your notebooks, diaries and laptop with you, perhaps your complement is Misako's computer carriers. If, on the contrary, they are dreamy, restless and adventurous, travel accessories on Black Friday in Misako they are ideal for her. And for him? Don't worry have it all for men.


And if you also need an extra excuse... Buy something for yourself! Gifts cannot be an excuse.