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      Printed organiser

      €17.99 €9.00
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      Toiletry bag

      €17.99 €9.00
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      Printed organiser

      €17.99 €9.00
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      Nylon weekend bag

      €43.99 €22.00
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      Printed organiser

      €17.99 €9.00
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    9. Toiletry bag with handle

      €22.99 €11.50
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    Travel bags at best price. We love go out on weekends!

    We love suitcases but for a getaway is better a duffle or weekend bag and we must to recognize they have a special charming and timeless. An easy way to carry a little luggage and add-on a chic touch to your look for that special weekend or breakaway any close place.

    Also, here you can find them at half price. Very cheap! Because in Misako we love you can enjoy our accessories from previous seasons for much less. They also never go out of fashion! Because our designs always have that touch so cute and vintage that is timeless.
    Go on a getaway with one of our travel bags from previous seasons, at half price! If the suitcase is too big for your trip, the weekend bag is your perfect choice. You can also take it as a bag for the gym or for moments where you need a lot of space, even a day to go out with the family. Take a look at our discount selection and choose yours!

    Different shapes and sizes. We love all of them!

    For our travel bags we have chosen an intermediate size smaller than the cabin baggage, without becoming hand luggage, these bags are the perfect size to store our luggage for a couple of days or complement our suitcase on longer trips.

    We have chosen soft and flexible shapes, in a standard format. With beautiful ethnic fabrics and boho combined with brown and black leatherette. You will fall in love at this price! And finally we have our small semi-rigid bags with a vintage touch with different waterproof fabrics. They have a padding that will protect your luggage and that also gives a much more beautiful appearance to the bag, always keeping it in shape. Some of them with wheels too!
    You can take it as a cross body or through the handles, but one thing is clear, they are irresistible! The perfect accessory to give some style to your weekend and your trips.

    Love for getaways and spare time

    In Misako we know the valuable that is spare time, leisure and enjoy our time to the fullest, that is why we have placed so much love to our travel bags designs. We wanted to get closer to the kind of bag or small luggage we have always desired, forgetting to carry several bags. That's why the result is so wonderful! You can also combine your bag with your laptop bag, backpack or different products with the same style.

    To make your experience complete, our materials are waterproof in some of our bags, so these accessories do not stain so easy and always keep good looking. In addition, our fabrics are resistant and have high-quality finishes, so your accessory will last a long time and lots of trips.

    Do not hesitate to make your purchase online and receive your order comfortably at home. Much cheaper thanks to our outlet! Check our shipping and return policy for any questions and ... Let’s go planning your next weekend or trip!
    Still haven’t you seen all our travel bags at the best price?