Bags and Accessories for Men on Sale

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      Shoulder bag

      €22.99 €11.50
    2. - 50 %

      Laptop bag (15,6")

      €44.99 €22.50
    3. - 50 %

      Laptop bag (15")

      €44.99 €22.50
    4. - 50 %

      Nylon bum bag

      €23.99 €12.00
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    6. - 50 %

      Toiletry bag

      €17.99 €9.00
    7. - 50 %

      Bum bag

      €22.99 €11.50
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    9. - 50 %

      Nylon shoulder bag

      €31.99 €16.00
    10. - 50 %

      Shoulder bag

      €29.99 €15.00
    11. Shoulder bag

      €29.99 €15.00
    12. Laptop backpack (15,6")

      €41.99 €21.00
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    Bags for Men. Also, at the best price!

    In Misako we also have our special selection in accessories for men, the fact is that, in our day by day, work and business, the bag has become an essential way to take our documents and things to the office or when we travel.

    That’s why we have developed a more sober, professional and masculine style giving you that touch you have always looked for elegance, comfort and practicality.

    Find out our accessories selection for men from previous seasons with great discounts. Bags, shoulder bags, backpacks and more accessories for men ideal to carry everything comfortably and combine them with any style, even for men with so sober styles.

    Classic and profesional inspiration

    For our male line we have looked for a different style, because we know how important it is not to fall into the feminine cliches of handbags. Actually, our bags for men become an essential accessory, where we carry all our stuff without having deep pockets. In addition, it will give a much more professional finish to male’s look. A touch of elegance and comfort for day by day!

    For them, we have chosen soft and flexible, high quality leatherette finish. Choosing mostly for colours such as black, blue, brown and grey.
    You can also find cross body bags, backpacks and other accessories with vintage inspiration, for weekend looks more relaxed and carefree. With a natural and stylish touch!

    Different shapes and sizes for Men

    In Misako, we have also wanted to offer different sizes for men and our choice adapts to each moment, style and needs. That's why you can choose between several options and the bag for men would be the one you were looking for.

    Choose one of our most posh backpacks, suitable for any occasion and in a very manly finish. You can take it to work! A no gender fashion and very elegant with its tissue similar to the leather. Wear it with one shoulder and show style and comfort!

    Or you can choose one of our cross bodies if you need to carry some documents or also the laptop. In addition, these models have many departments so you can include everything you need like keys, mobile or wallet. It will be the perfect way to have a professional style managing and organizing everything you have on top.

    And finally, if you are one of those who don’t like to carry too much volume or weight, we have small bags, only for the essentials and will be very discreet, with a more sport or classic look. You choose! You only have to decide from our wide range of shoulder bags and handbags.