Toiletry, Make-up and Pencil Bags

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    1. Large travel toiletry bag

      €28.99 €14.50
    2. - 50 %

      Flowers print organizer

      €15.99 €8.00
    3. - 50 %

      Toiletry bag

      €17.99 €9.00
    4. Toiletry bag with handle

      €22.99 €11.50
    5. - 50 %

      Printed lunch bag

      €18.99 €9.50
    6. - 50 %

      Printed pencil case

      €18.99 €9.50
    7. - 50 %

      Printed organiser

      €17.99 €9.00
    8. - 50 %
    9. - 50 %

      Printed pencil case

      €14.99 €7.50
    10. - 50 %

      Printed organiser

      €17.99 €9.00
    11. - 50 %

      Printed pencil case

      €18.99 €9.50
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    Toiletry, make-up and pencil bags: essentials for always be ready

    In Misako we like to have different accessories to store each one of our things. That's why they could not miss the kits and cases!

    Do you need an ideal accessory to store all the great cosmetics that you always need to have on hand? A toiletry bag will be perfect to keep organized our beauty products, brushes and make-up, as for a trip, getaway or in our day by day at work or routine.

    An easy way to be always perfect and with everything comfortably organized. You only have to choose the size and shape that best suits you and, of course, the style that you like most.

    In Misako we have a wide collection of toiletry bags, make-up and pencil bags: ideal to carry everything you need to everywhere or keep everything organized at home.

    An easy way to keep everything organized, be ready and look gorgeous

    It will be the most flirtatious and stylish way to carry everything you need, you no longer have to carry anything loose, in bags or in a pocket which it can be felt, open or stain.

    The same goes for ballpoint pens and stationery accessories. This cases are not just for the stuff to the school! In Misako we have the most beautiful and best quality women's cases. You can combine them with your purse, wallet, travel bag or laptop bag!

    Some patterns with leatherette designed with classical details, boho and vintage

    As all of our accessories, in our toiletry and pencil bags have kept Misako identity, you can find more casual styles with warm colours and cashmere and florals patterns with smooth colours in a leatherette finishes in brown, black, etc. And even transparent for your trips with cabin baggage!

    We love being up-to-date and that's why our inspiration is in the latest trends, so you will be always on fashion and have that toiletry bag or pencil case you were looking for. All of them with a reasonable price! We work for you to have a wonderful design experience, with a resistant, soft, flexible finishes and easy to wash.  

     We love high-quality and small details

    In addition, we take care in our raw fabrics we know they are the best because your toiletry bag or pencil bag have to last many seasons and fulfill its function. Therefore, all our kits and cases take a while to be tailored and that’s the reason there are many details and quality finishes.

    Different shapes for each personality and purpose

    We have a wide range of toiletry, make-up and pencil bags so you can choose the one that best suit to your needs. We have different sizes, from small size bag or maybe larger to carry on a trip. There are also some with more volume and depth as others finer to store in a narrower department of a suitcase or bag.

    Haven't you chosen your favourite toiletry bag or kit yet?

    Check our shipping policy and do not hesitate to make your purchase online and enjoy all the facilities and comfort offered by the online outlet by Misako.