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      Bolso bandolera de nylon

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      Small box shoulder bag

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      Tweed effect party bag

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      Tweed effect envelope bag

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      Money POCKET

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    A must-have in your wardrobe: a Misako bag

    As you know, the handbag is an essential for every woman. Not only is it a very practical accessory, it is also an example of style, attitude and personality. There are bags that are even iconic or brands that have created classics that will last forever.


    That's why at Misako, we have such a variety of bags, so you can choose the style and shape that suits you best for every occasion. Which one is yours?


    Finely crafted to be your favourite accessory.

    We love to design, choose and take care of all the finishes, prints and details of our bags. That's why our designs are so special. We want to have the kind of product that we would like to carry, that's why our models are so popular and have such a good finish. We only choose fabrics that are soft and resistant, pleasant to the touch and flexible for our daily activities, and they are becoming more and more beautiful!


    And we only look for quality at a competent price, combining high fashion with an affordable price! We are inspired by the best trends and catwalks, so that our prints, leather-like finishes and bag shape follow just what you are looking for: a vintage style shoulder bag, an elegant bag for the office, a clutch to brighten up your evening or a mini bag to give that unique charm to your everyday outfit.

    We love to be part of your style

    We know that our daily life requires many types of bags, with more or less space, and even with many or few pockets. And even some kind of specific closure or handles.


    That's why Misako has created a type of accessory for every occasion - we love to go everywhere with you! You can enjoy a stylish and comfortable bag for work, with space for documents and even a laptop or tablet. If at some point you find you need a little extra space but still look stylish, we also have some interesting weekend travel bags; be sure to check them out.


    You can also enjoy more boho styles, with embroidery or prints for everyday in a more casual and natural look, and even choose from black, grey or camel! A simple option that will go great with blue, black or white jeans: a classic that will give you the perfect touch.


    We also have the party handbags, ideal for weekend plans and for meeting up with friends - perfect with your new dress and shoes! Misako bags are also a great ally for evenings and celebrations.

    Of course, if you still need more variety, you can check out our wonderful women's backpacks, with all the style and design we just explained, but with handles!


    Combine them with a multitude of accessories

    Your purchase doesn't just end with a bag you'll love, you can also opt for many matching accessories for women, to make your outfit perfect. Combine your purchase with a travel bag, suitcase, wallet, purse or laptop bag - we have just what you need!

    If you haven't found the perfect bag in all of today's offerings, feel free to browse our collection of backpacks or bum bags for other alternatives that might suit you better,

    Plus our shipping is secure so that your purchase is a full experience and you'll always want to come back for a new item. Check our shipping policy and enjoy the best online shopping now.


    You won't be able to resist our new models!