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    Mini Bags. The most comfortable way to combine style and practicity!

    The best perfumes come in small bottles. And the bags too! At least in Misako. That’s it in our mini bags are the ideal accessory for any occasion. As for a celebration as for go out on weekend both at night and day.

    The easiest way to carry your basics with you and go much comfortable with a less size bag. For those days when you do not need so much and you intend to go much lighter without losing style.

    Also within our large range of mini bags, you can find different sizes. From a clutch for a special ceremony without handles to a bag with regular size but without losing that simplicity and lightness that only have our small bags.

    In addition, we well know that the most mini handbags are a trend, and that small handbags will give a charming touch to your daily look and will be the perfect accessory for special occasions. We love this style! It will be perfect both with an outfit and a party dress as with jeans in a more casual key. They will match with everything! You only have to choose the bag that best suits your style and your needs.

    A classic always on trend

    You could belong to large or small bags, and even of a regular size, but one thing is clear, and mini bags have always been the accessories has lasted over the time. Our cliche at weddings and that special touch that we don’t stop looking for romantic dinners, do you feel it familiar?

    For this reason, at Misako we wanted to have our small selection of these handbags, both in an elegant style, boho, and purse-bag. But they all have one thing in common. We love them! And you will also fall in love!

    All is in small details

    The set of clothes could change your look greatly according to the accessories which you complete it. As we get stylize with a small and beautiful bag! But to find the perfect chords to go perfect is often complicated. One thing is sure: a small handbag will give us an elegant touch with a very sophisticated and simple halo.

    To make you perfect, in Misako we take care that our handbags have a style of the latest trends, that's why our ethnic and boho prints are irresistible. And if you prefer a simile to the leather we have the colours inspired by the catwalks (pink, black, blue, green, etc.) smooth or with some detail that makes it so special.

    Haven’t you choose your mini bag yet?

    Do not hesitate to place your order online to enjoy all the comfort that our page offers you. Check our shipping policy for your purchase!