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Last Call! Misako Outlet super Outlet

Do you remember that bag you saw last season? Or suitcase? Or any of our complements or accessories. If you lived a love at first sight and did not find the opportunity, do not worry: You have Misako Outlet! And we think that second chances are the best

So now you can enjoy all the quality and style of previous seasons at a unique price. You will be able to find all the bags, suitcases, toiletries, computer holders and even entire collections to which we have applied a discount to make way for the new models.


Quality at a second-hand price

Our Outlet has the same quality standards as our shop and new products, there is only one difference; they are from previous seasons, but at what price! Enjoy discounts according to replacement of the best Misako products.

In addition, as you know, behind every Misako product there is a meticulous work of preparation and choice of materials. We base our work on the latest trends and create a unique, modern but affordable, quality but ready-to-wear product.


Misako inspiration, never stops being a trend

Our personality betrays us, because in Misako we are lovers of prints, floral borders, geometric shapes and jacquard and die-cut finishes. That is why the result is a bag, among other accessories and complements, full of care and enriched with many details.

We distinguish a fresh style and a very boho inspiration, which will be ideal for any occasion. Both in your trips, in your day to day as in the weekends or work.

You will also find more natural and quality finishes such as our range of split leather in black, marine and brown, which will give a very sophisticated and trendy touch to your outfit and style. As if that wasn't enough, in this outlet part you can find it at a much lower price and also match it with your wallet or purse. What about adding the travel bag? No doubt you will have an exquisite collection for very little.

But one thing is clear, our style never goes out of fashion. That's why you won't have to worry if it's from a previous season. Our articles are unique! That's why our brand always keeps its personality around classic and vintage finishes. They are forever!

In addition you can enjoy articles for both men and women for any occasion and much more affordable. Whether for casual clothing or business styles, you set the limits and the combination ;)


Great gifts at small prices

As with any product from our firm, our products are ideal as gifts due to their finishes and price. If you are thinking of giving a gift with several complements and that they are economic... You are in the right place! Combine a cabin suitcase with your medium or large size or buy several of our men's bags or women's bags to match your toiletry bag or some item from our jewellery store, the possibilities are endless!


They fly!

We are focus in to renew designs and styles in a very fluid way, that's why we are discarding the previous creations with an appetizing discount unlike other brands, that's why they last so little! Our products are kept very little online to make way for new ones. That's why if you've seen a bag, wallet, backpack or suitcase that you like you should get it as soon as possible.

You haven't seen everything we have prepared for you in our Outlet yet? you won't be able to resist! Do not hesitate to consult our entire product catalogue. You can also receive it from the comfort of your home by making your purchase online and receiving your order in a few days.


At Misako there are always sales!