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    Are you looking for bags to give as gifts and don't know where to start? At Misako we offer you the best bags and accessories for Christmas gifts. Are you looking for special bags? Well, we have them too and they perfectly reflect a more formal or casual style.

    Misako's gift bag that can't be missing on your Christmas tree

    During Christmas you can give different kinds of gifts, and a bag is one of the best Christmas gifts because it never fails! Whether it's the taste of each person or the latest trends of this season, you'll find the perfect one to give to that person, whether it's a man or a woman.

    Looking for a big bag? Then check out the jacquard bags that go with more formal styles or the shopper bags that are so fashionable. Want a smaller detail and opt for a small bag? Choose between a more formal Essential bag or a more ethnic Olan bag. Is your friend more of a shoulder bag? Well, we also have them and they go perfectly with all kinds of styles such as ethnic, boho, in trend with purple or green colours, more formal or those ideal when we go shopping or to the gym.

    Simple tips for your Christmas bag gifts

    To buy Christmas gifts we have to consider some tips to get it right and not to fail. When we talk about gift bags, one of them is the type or style, since not all of them combine with any outfit, so we have to value the style of clothing, colour, materials and accessories.


    Type of bag

    The first important aspect to consider is the type of bag. It is not ideal to give a large bag or tote bag for a person who keeps few objects in this accessory. So if she doesn't like a large bag, what can I give her? Without hesitation, a small bag, which stand out for being more discreet and with a multitude of designs and colours.

    In addition to size, style is also a fundamental element. Not all styles are liked by the same people, for example, a formal person prefers a handbag or small bag in more neutral tones, while someone with a more traditional style is looking for a medium sized bag in ochre or brown colours.

    Backpack bags are ideal for girls who need to store books or a tablet and have more neutral colours so they can be combined with all kinds of outfits.

    And, of course, you can't forget the handbags, ideal for any event, from a lunch, a special event like a wedding or going out to a party.

    Matching colours

    And what colours are ideal for matching? Choosing the right colour is essential, as it makes all the difference in whether a look is going to succeed or not. A very popular colour is black, as well as the range of browns. These colours combine with any type of look, whether it is for work, shopping, a party, a special event, etc.

    If we are talking about leatherette, apart from the colours already mentioned, white and grey are also good options, as these colours stand out more against the shine of the material.

    And, if you are one of those who prefer to look at the trendy colours, in this 2023 we are wearing bright and vivid colours like green, purple or orange.