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    Mother's Day

    On Mother's Day it is important to work on everything: to take care of our mothers, to show them that we love them, that we care about them, and that we thank them for everything they have done for us throughout their lives.

    This kind of mentality should really be maintained throughout the year, but Mother's Day is a special occasion to remind them that they are always present, that we remember them and that they also deserve a break, a gift and a special day.

    If you don't have the words to thank your mother for everything she has done for you, and you don't know if a note or breakfast in bed will be enough to tell her how much you love her, perhaps it will help to give her a Misako accessory, something that she is sure to like, thank you for and that will also be very useful, to combine with her clothes, in her day to day life or on a special occasion.

    Original Mother's Day gifts Find them at Misako!

    So that all the grateful daughters in the world can give their mother a surprise on her special day, at Misako we have prepared a specific section with which you will be able to give your mother something original, useful and elegant, like everything we offer at Misako.

    With our original Mother's Day gifts it will be very easy for you to find the ideal accessory for your mother. You know, that handbag, that backpack she's always looking at in the shop window, that scarf... you know what we mean.

    A good daughter knows very well what her mother needs and what she likes, so this Mother's Day the gifts for the person with whom you have the closest and most intimate connection bear the Misako stamp. Don't hesitate any longer and get all the accessories you need here.

    Bags for modern mums

    If you don't already know, and you're wondering when Mother's Day is, just remember that it's the 1st of May.

    When the date approaches, the rush is on: what to buy, what will she like? Without a doubt, an infallible option, which works for every mother in the world, is a handbag.

    Misako bags are conceived and designed for modern mums, but who don't want to give up their good habit of carrying a useful and practical bag where they can easily carry everything they need for any kind of occasion.

    Large bags, small bags, smooth, rough, thick strap, thin strap, square or any shape you choose. If you know what is the ideal bag that your mother would like, in Misako we have it, and it is waiting for you to come and buy it for her as a gift.

    Accessories for mum

    Another great Mother's Day gift idea we can give you at Misako is an accessories. All mums, of all ages and tastes, love accessories.

    Whether in the form of jewellery or a stylish and practical scarf, accessories are always a great gift idea for your mother, whether it's her special day, her birthday or other occasions throughout the year.

    Can't think of what accessories to get your mum? Just take a look at our online catalogue of accessories for mum and you'll discover a wealth of ideas that you'll love.

    Backpacks are the new mother's purse

    The handbag has been replaced over time by backpacks in some cases. Modern mothers are beginning to prefer comfort to aesthetics, and although bags are comfortable to carry, when they are too heavy they can become a little heavy.

    To avoid this problem, without having to sacrifice aesthetics, there are Misako backpacks, which will surely be the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Practical, useful, elegant, effective and original, with a Misako backpack you'll have no problem getting a Mother's Day gift that's sure to be a hit.

    Gifts for mum at Misako

    There are many ways you can wish your mum a happy Mother's Day. You can tell her, show her all the love you can, make her breakfast in bed, write her a greeting card and, of course, buy her the best Mother's Day gift online at Misako. Bags, backpacks, scarves, accessories... whatever you are looking for, we have it here for you, at the best price, with the best quality and with a style and design that will conquer your mother very easily.