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    How to choose your gifts

    Choosing a gift for these dates is not easy, do you already have Christmas gift ideas? If not, don't worry, because at Misako we are going to give you a little help to surprise your family, friends and your partner.

    If you know what the gift recipient is wearing, you'll quickly know what she likes or dislikes, does she have a boho style or does she prefer a more casual outfit? It's even possible that she's sending us hints to make us see what she wants!

    Is she sporty, does she like a more elegant look, does she need some accessories for the office? Maybe she needs a backpack for the gym or a purse for shopping?

    With us you can find that tote bag your friend needs, or a shoulder bag for your guy, or even that computer case for that friend who works in the office!

    Gift ideas for men

    Do you know what to get your guy, brother or dad for Christmas already? We give you gift ideas for men at Misako! You don't have to worry because we have a list of interesting gifts for men.

    Have you already seen our belts and scarves? You can find different models, colours and shapes to match the style of your guy, friend or dad. Is he more of a traveller? Then choose from our suitcases and travel accessories at Misako, where you will find perfect models such as trolley suitcases or travel bags, as well as toiletry bags to store everything he needs.

    Is your boy a sporty type? We've got the perfect backpacks in sporty or everyday styles, as well as men's bags to store his keys, glasses, wallet, etc. Or is he an office worker? We've got the perfect computer cases for you to carry your devices, documents and more.

    And if you can't decide? Well, you can buy an E-GIFT CARD with a specific amount so that the guy can decide what to invest in your gift. It never fails!

    Women's gift ideas, the best accessories from Misako

    A look without a bag is not a look. And that's why you should never miss this accessory that you can find in Misako in all styles, sizes, colours and materials to match perfectly with all outfits. Do you want gift ideas for women? Then take a look at our bags and, why not, backpacks, toiletry bags or suitcases if your friend is a traveller. And don't miss out on necklaces and earrings to match any look, whether it's for everyday wear, a crunch or a party. And if your friend or sister is cold? Opt for a foulard or a scarf to help her keep out the cold, not forgetting a winter hat and gloves!

    Secret Santa gift ideas, the most original present

    Don't know what to give your Secret Santa? Well, at Misako we help you with our accessories for Secret Santa gift ideas. We know it can be difficult to find the perfect gift, but whether it's for men or women, you'll find great bags, scarves, purses, jewellery and much more!

    You can choose from a multitude of styles such as boho, party, urban, more minimalist and in a wide range of colours to match their tastes and outfits, you'll be sure to get it right!

    The perfect detail, ideas for making a gift basket

    Do you think it's not enough to give just one gift? Well, here are some ideas for making a gift basket. You can combine a small bag with costume jewellery for a daytime party, a pack to combat the cold with hats, gloves, scarves or scarves.

    Who do you want to give a boho style gift to? Then give them a tote bag or a bag with ethnic or floral prints, a matching purse, or even add a toiletry bag for them to keep what they need.

    If you go to Misako now, you'll find products for the perfect Christmas gift ideas and you won't go wrong.