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If there is one thing we are clear about in Misako, it is that there is no summer without raffia.

The sales can be the perfect opportunity to get a good summer bag and look outfitted on the hottest days.

In the Misako bag sales, you will find many different sizes, designs and materials to get the one that best suits your style.

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      Cordeli-1 raffia bag

      Cordeli-1 raffia bag

    2. Kasi raffia party bag

      Kasi raffia party bag

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      Mallen raffia shoulder bag
    4. - 39 %
      Oval raffia basket shopper bag
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      Crochi crochet shoulder bag
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    Types of summer bags

    As we mentioned, there is a great variety of bags that we could catalogue as summer bags. The light materials, fabrics, raffia, prints, bright colours... All the details count.


    And, is it really worth having a summer bag? The truth is that we are not going to argue that it is not an indispensable complement in your wardrobe, but neither will we deny that this type of bag will make a difference in your seasonal outfits. Let us present you with a small selection to prove it.

    Summer carry-on bags

    Carrycots are the soul of summer bags and the sales are the perfect time to get one of them as they are fully reusable accessories from one year to the next and they don't go out of fashion!


    Without a doubt, the carrycots are our favourite. Large and ideal for your summer routine: walks, going to the beach, running errands... You can carry everything you need inside thanks to its large storage capacity.


    The best? They are easily combined with any look thanks to their materials and textures, which will give a summery touch to anything you wear.

    Summer bags shoulder bags

    Summer shoulder bags are perfect for those carefree summer days thanks to their lightness. Ideal for carrying your essentials, they will take up little space and will not weigh down your shoulders.


    In the Misako bag sales you will find shoulder bags of many types, designs, shapes, sizes and colours, so there is no excuse: we are sure to have the one that fits your style.


    While it is true that they are very typecast accessories in their season, it does not mean that you cannot use them outside the season and play with your more autumnal looks once the summer is over.


    Summer raffia bags

    Summer, raffia. Raffia, summer. We are obsessed and we don't mind admitting it. We love raffia beyond our means, but how can we not?

    It is a material that has it all. It is light but at the same time consistent, it is striking in texture and discreet in colour, it is easily combined, it gives a boho touch and very summery to almost any look. It is perfect. And that's it.


    Nylon summer bags

    Nylon has recently made its way into our list of summer favourites. This material combined with bright colours will add a fun and casual touch to your looks.

    These are lightweight, comfortable accessories that can be combined with your more casual looks. Forget about prejudice and don't pigeonhole this material with sport, nylon has many more possibilities!