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    1. Choker necklace

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    Misako Jewellery, with own identity

    In Misako we know that jewels are a gift and a whim that will always remain in time, so we could not resist creating our own jewellery line. Always with everything that characterizes us!

    When we create this kind of accessories we always tried to design collections of "high imitation jewellery", a high quality work, with beautiful and meticulous details. Besides, far from too expensive materials such as stones and noble metals is a beautiful, natural and quality material.

    What Misako's online jewellery offers you

    Our idea is that you can wear a nice costume item with a real and competitive price. We are different of other brands!

    In addition, we have taken great care to design and choose the costume jewellery for women that we would like to wear. That's why our entire catalogue is beautiful!

    The best fine jewellery you can wear

    Enjoy choosing from our range of rings, necklaces, chockers, bracelets ... And much more! Our creations adapted to new trends, that's why we will always have that perfect element and maybe even the one you were looking for. We love being up to the latest! Composed chokers, necklaces, rings with hippy touches and bracelets with imitation leather. Nothing gets past!


    Costume jewellery that approaches the amulet

    As you well know, in Misako we don’t settle for a little, that's why our costume jewelry is made, not only by metals and alloys of colors and tones that you will love: old silver, darkened gold, gold and bright bronzes, etc.

    We also love mates, very natural and often unpolished textures. With a lot of personality! In addition, we wanted to play with fibers, stones, wood and rough crystals.
    These touches give our jewelry a gnostic, classic and irresistible vintage touch ... We want to be the new lucky charm or jewel! And the quality of our jewelry makes it an irresistible gift.

    Show off your matching necklaces and bracelets. You won't need any more accessories!

    Although we tend to look for complements that match our outfit in any situation, with basic necklace and bracelets we will achieve the same result.

    In the online Misako jewellery catalogue we offer you a big range of necklace and bracelets for woman. You won’t need anyone else.

    Are you passionate about beads? Take a look at women's necklaces and how you can easily find a bracelet to match them. Perfect to give away or for yourself!

    Do you feel a predilection for rock aesthetics? Find your ideal bracelet and a necklace to combine it for very cheap price.

    For those who prefer a style more boho-ethnic, Misako bracelets are simply perfect: different, originals and at irresistible prices.

    Chic women also find in our fine jewellery catalogue options of urban style bracelets.

    Did you know that ankle bracelets are the newest trend again? We have modern designs, combinable with sets of necklaces and bracelets to match perfectly.

    Complete your bronze with a dress and a summer necklace

    Are necklaces made for summer? Always! There is nothing better to combine with our necklaces than a bronzed skin. Your skin tone during summer will highlight your beauty and our perfect accessories.  

    Misako necklaces for women feature fresh, original and colourful designs, but they also have a certain classic touch, which makes them the best option for any time and event.

    But they are only for summer? Off course not, a necklace is always a good option.


    Choose thin necklaces if you have a short neck or a slightly droopy bust. Smaller necklaces and earrings minimize this.


    Our online bead necklaces are designed for cheerful women who do not leave home without a pendant on their neck.


    Besides, you can combine them with necklaces and bead bracelets or with the tandem necklace and earring.


    Moreover, there is an element that defines the style, although sometimes we forget about it: the rings. Small details that say a lot about the personality of those who wear them.


    Our fine jewellery catalogue includes a wide selection of ring designs available online.


    Mini-sized rings for women looking for the simplicity of elegance; retro maxi rings for very strong personalities.


    All of them inspired by the natural but with a certain boho-ethnic touch that gives it a plus of originality, and made with fine metals of the highest quality.


    Earrings, the best choice for any occasion.

    It doesn't matter your hairstyle, long hair, short hair, collected or loose. With a set of earrings and pendants any woman can feel fully feminine. If we add a lipstick and the eye stripe, we will have completed the basic outfit.


    The earrings available in our online jewellery store cover all styles, moments and needs.


    Do you need a set of necklace and earrings for a formal event? Do not hesitate to check out Misako women’s earrings collection.


    Large earrings are available such as the most youthful Butterfly for dreamy and daring women and retro-vintage earrings in pack format so you can decide at the last moment according to your look.


    Do you love to wear everyday a different earring according to your mood? Misako's online beaded earrings are perfect: cheap, varied, original and available in multiple sets aimed to complete your jewellery box providing different combinations.

    If you have one or more piercings, you need the small hoop earrings.


    The earrings of large hanging rings are perfect for semi-collected, tails, bows if you want to highlight them, in which case, choose to give up the necklace or choose one of the fine necklaces of the collection. And also if you prefer to wear them, but without them being excessively evidenced. In this case, you must opt for casual hairstyles.


    And what’s the best of all? That our online jewellery combines with other accessories such as bags and shoulder bags, wallets and card wallets, and even with the most stylish fanny packs of our collection.


    Creating the perfect look has never been so easy! Find your own style with our cheap fine jewellery and combine it with our accessories to give yourself a higher personality.

    Remember: small details make the difference.