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    Chic&Business: Go with your laptop everywhere.

    As we live connected by the Internet, in Misako we consider it important that your laptop bag has to be with a nice touch and also gives you a plus of the style that you like so much.

    When we create our laptop bags we want to design a new concept, more cheerful, natural and friendly design. An accessory like a purse or a wallet for example!  So far off are those bags for your laptop so sober with crude materials.

    We know that probably our work, hobbies and some special moments are shared in the laptop. That's why we think you want to take your laptop everywhere as a natural and comfortable manner in your accessory, where you can also carry more stuff. As in a backpack!


    We share the love for the technology

    And for fashion! That's why we wanted to mix the best styles and the latest in Prêt-à-porter so that our computer cases have that style we like and characterize us so much. We are headed in sober lines, vintage patterns and ethnic Jacquard fabrics.

    We wanted to create a new complement closer to the bag, with a wide range and comfort and also matching with. That's why this add-on has become a top sale in Misako. An elegant, beautiful and flirtatious way to take your laptop with you, notes or documents to the university, office, weekend or business trip.

    Protection, comfort and style

    Our computer guarantee you can carry your laptop with total comfort, and will always be protected thank to the inside padding. In addition, we use waterproof materials so that rain or other liquids won’t be any problem.

    In addition, all our laptop bags are very functional accessories because have inside and outside pockets so you can put the keys, your mobile or your wallet. Therefore, you will not need to carry an extra bag and you could enjoy in comfort.

    Men’s line

    Because they can be found! In Misako we have also made a sober, elegant and classic men line they can also enjoy the laptop bag, black or blue in leather effect and also camel and grey colours are some of the examples we can find for men.

    Completeness and Quality

    In Misako we also appreciate the quality work so that makes a product special and unique. Our laptop cases or briefcase with all our accessories and products are part of a sartorial work that can be seen at a glance. Our materials unite quality and price, in addition soft and resistant fabrics that make the Misako accessory a quality and fashionable product available to everyone.

    Have not you seen all our laptop cases yet? Discover them in our physical stores or buy from home with all the facilities offered by our online store. You can also combine them with the big suitcase, duffle or bag from the same collection. Have you already chosen yours?