PRE BLACK by Misako


We've taken out the heavy artillery, and at Misako we're tired of saving the best for last. If you're also one of those who can't wait for all the dishes to pass quickly to get to the dessert, welcome! You will love Misako's flash and pre black offers.


And like the game of goose, we'll go from dessert to dessert. So get ready with the flash and pre-Black offers and then get ready for Misako's Black Friday.

We can't find products matching the selection.


We know that patience is not your best quality, but let us tell you how Misako's flash offers work before we dive into the long-awaited Black Friday. These sweet offers are made for you and we don't want you to miss out on a bite.


Every day for TEN days we will activate a pack. These packs can be made up of one or more products and each one is designed to be worn on different occasions. And yes, they are divisible packs, you can relax. We propose you the set and you decide if you take it whole or not, as always!


In these offers, you will find a variety of accessories that can help you renew your wardrobe and even save you from headaches in future gifts. We have made packs of all types so that all your needs are covered: for travelling, for going to class or the office, for him and even to fight the cold and we can't wait for you to discover them!


And how long do Misako's flash offers last? Well, depending on the pack, so you will have to be VERY attentive as their duration can go from 24h to end of stock. Think of our flash offers as bombs that we will drop and sooner or later they will explode to disappear, so take advantage of every second because they are not eternal!




When we talk about flash offers, we talk about FLASH OFFERS. So yes, we are talking about flying heart attack prices. As some people say: good things don't last long.


We want to emphasize the complements that you will find in our packs. Bags, backpacks, computer holders, travel bags, scarves... Although at first sight they may seem very different, they all have something in common: they have been TOP SALES. Yes, you read correctly: WE BRING YOUR MISAKO FAVORITES AT THE BEST PRICE.


During these months we have been listening to you carefully. We know that you won't settle for just anything, and that's why we have reserved limited units to make this countdown unforgettable.




The flash offers have an expiry date. Ten days, ten offers, ten chances. But don't worry: in Misako there will be more of them.


Once the flash offers have finished, we will start the pre Black. During one week you will have access to a totally renewed selection of limited unit products, this means that it will be different from the flash offers BUUUT in many cases complementary. What does this mean? Well, that in our pre Black you will be able to find new collections, but also the fanny pack to match the bag of a flash offer, for example. Everything is possible!


Now that you know the rules, we invite you to play. We want you to have fun, to discover, to be surprised and to enjoy yourself with us. We want you to find what you are looking for and get what you need. We want you to play, imagine and combine garments with accessories to create amazing looks for your everyday life. We want you to give yourself the craving you deserve, but also the one you want just because. And, above all, we want to thank you for your loyalty by giving you the best of us this Black Friday.


So, if you need to renew your accessories, do not hesitate: this is the moment and the price you were waiting for.