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      Nylon bum bag

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      Nylon bum bag

    3. Large nylon bum bag

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      Three-Zip bum bag

    5. Bum bag

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      Denim bag, bum bag style

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      Recycled nylon bum bag

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      Small bum bag

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      Bicolour bum bag

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    In a new demonstration that in fashion everything returns, that everything that was a trend can be a trend again and that what they wore a few years ago is what we are going to want to wear now, waist bags have returned to the market in style to become an essential both in the male and female wardrobe.

    Of different types, different colors and with all the uses that you want to give it, we show you the waist bags available in Misako and we also tell you why they will very soon become one of your basics that you will not want to get rid of. nothing in the world:

    The waist bag, when comfort is the best asset

    If a few years ago there was an entire generation that yearned for waist bags and adapted them to all their looks, it would be for something, right? Because they are very comfortable! As we show you in the designs, we have available at Misako, the new fever for waist bags has been unleashed by the comfort that they allow us to benefit from and that resides mainly in the simplicity of its lines. The waist bag only needs its compartment and a strap to place around the hips to be worn, and now that the world seems to have realized that it can be a much better option than a bag ... Who are we to deny it?

    The perfect companions for the most festive women

    In summer, or rather, with the arrival of good weather in general, festivals also arrive and with them the largest number of diverse outfits to inspire us. And many of them include waist bags because, friends, they are truly the best option for these types of events. With one or more compartments, being able to wear it close to our body, in the front and with the assurance that it will withstand blows, jumps and, above all, possible theft, is what has made the waist bag winning since last year. adepts (and adepts) in festival looks.

    Infinity of models in waist bags

    Our friends the waist bags no longer have anything to envy to the bags. Maybe a few years ago they were more limited in terms of design and that made many not even want to look at them, but now that is over and the waist bag is capable of adapting to whatever your style is: romantic, boho, ethnic air, sober, classic...

    In the Misako catalog you can see that there is a waist bag for all your looks, in different colors and patterns and also manufactured for different needs: Gone are the single compartment waist bags, now there are several in which to divide your belongings such as you consider that you have to. All designed solely and exclusively so that waist bags become your most faithful ally.

    The It girls are already wearing their waist bags

    Surely you have checked in any fashion magazine or in the Instagram accounts of several influencers: They also bet on waist bags! Without having to give yourselves names, you can take a quick look on social networks and see how the most important It girls of the moment have already added the waist bag to their list of musts who have come to never leave again.

    Certainly, renowned designers such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton have also contributed to this, since a couple of years ago they have also included waist bags in their catwalks to show us that they are no longer, at all, that tacky accessory from the 90s (and decades ago as well) that many of us thought it was.

    Buy your waist bag with the best value for money at Misako

    You know that at Misako we always bet on giving you not only the best quality, but also on making it affordable for all budgets ... and that is precisely also one of the strengths that make waist bags the best travel companions that you can choose. What you want is to have with you a good material that you know that you will be able to use until you get tired and in which, in addition, you will have invested a small amount of money ... but in an appropriate way!

    This quality would be impossible without having resistant materials such as cotton, polyester or polyurethane, a resistant trio that is resistant to any inconvenience that may arise, as you may have already seen with other products in the catalog. Misako, such as handbags and wallets.

    Now you know: in the world and in Misako, waist bags have returned to our lives with the intention of creating a solid hole that we will never abandon. If you are already thinking of daring with one of them, check our catalog right away! Because we are sure that once you try one, you will not want to leave them ...

    In addition to our wonderful waist bags, on our website you can find different types of women's accessories and of course, our famous handbags and backpacks.