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    Misako collections. Dress up your trip with charm!  

    When we go on a trip we always try to travel with a touch of style but, often, it doesn’t end up being what we wanted. Matching suitcases, bags, toiletry bags ... can be a frustrating task and finally we usually carry a lot of accessories with different styles. And they are not always comfortable neither!

    At Misako we love travelling. And we want to go with you! And especially with stylish, so every time we decided to create a new accessory we don’t hesitate to do a whole set, you could have everything combined when making your trips or breakouts. From a set of suitcases through a travel or weekend bag, to laptop bags, handbags, toiletry bag and even purse are some of the options you have available for your trip to be complete and customized style.


    Our personal touch

    As you well know, buying an accessory in Misako is a bet on a very current style with vintage and retro touches, but with a fresh and personal air that will give you a lot of style. We love patterns, florals, borders or more ethnic touches using Jacquard.

    In addition, many of our products have a waterproof and satin finish that gives an even more nostalgic and feminine inspiration. This kind of material gives much more resistance to all our accessories and suitcases, made of fibre that prevents from wearing out and also makes it much easier to clean.

    You can also choose between a more sober line with more neutral colours and faux leather surfaces, ideal for your trips and business, even a male and elegant line. We even have a range of natural cowhide leather!


    Indispensable travel accessories for your getaways

    Sometimes we may not give it too much importance, but the truth is that items such as toiletries, purses or laptop cases are and will become more important in our travels. Why not to take everything combined with your travel set? There is nothing like traveling with everything totally matched!

    You could choose between many models and sizes according to your needs and travel. Combine your large suitcase, with a cabin bag, a trolley, a weekend bag and your laptop bag.

    And if we also add a handbag? No problem at all, it would be perfect! You won’t resist!


    The gift you were looking for

    Can you imagine receiving the entire collection that you like so much as a gift? Without doubt it is the ideal gift. However, you can also add more add-ons to the collection if the one has already an item. Don’t doubt and ask now for your entire travel collection from our online store, you can receive your shipment in a few days and in total comfort. Have not you decided yet? :)