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Misako sport style accessories

Carry everything you need for your sporting activities with our sport style accessories from Misako. Find the best sports bags, sports backpacks or even toiletry bags for a complete pack. Ideal for going to the gym, exercising outdoors or taking a class in your favourite sport, you'll love them!


Women's bags and sports bags: comfortable and fashionable

Sports bags are designed to be the best training companions, comfortable, easy to carry and with just the right amount of space for what you need. But wouldn't you like it to have an original design as well as being useful?

Our gym bags will be an essential part of your daily routine, helping you to keep everything organised and ready to tackle your next workout. Available in different sizes, with enough space to carry a change of clothes and your sports accessories.

They're not just for the gym. Their colourful designs, plain or patterned, are perfect for taking your gym bag anywhere, from a workout, to a game of your favourite sport with your friends, to taking it on a weekend getaway.

And because we love stylish accessories, our gym bags follow the latest trends so you can take your gym bag with you wherever you go. So when your workout buddy says, "What do you say we go for a drink?", you can say yes without compromising on style.


Stylish women's backpacks for sporty outings

Women's sports backpacks are the perfect accessory to accompany you on your workout. Whether it's for the gym, your yoga class or even paddle tennis, there's a wide variety of models to suit your needs.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can prioritise certain features such as water resistance or separate compartments for your shoes or electronic devices. No matter your workout routine or the space you need, at Misako you can find a wide variety of options to suit your needs.

They are not only useful for sports. Fitness style is in fashion, allowing you to wear your backpack as an accessory to your more casual and informal looks.

Plus, you can take them anywhere and they'll still be just as practical, from a weekend getaway, to a long day out, to a sports trip in the mountains.


Everything in its place with sports toiletry bags for going to the gym

Women's toiletry bags for sports are the perfect complement to carry your things in an organised way and always have them well located in your sports bag or backpack.

If after the gym you like to shower before going home or go out with make-up after exercising, this will be your best ally. And you can not only carry your cosmetics, but also your personal hygiene products to leave the training ready to go anywhere.

In Misako we have a wide variety of designs, both plain and original prints, made with a technical fabric ideal for sports activities. Their designs are so stylish that you can even use them to carry your belongings on a trip in your suitcase.

Explore our Misako sports collection and get your training gear to match your style - who said you can't play sports with the latest trends in accessories?