Hair accessories

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      Pack of hair ties

      €7.99 €4.00
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      Large hair clip

      €9.99 €4.00
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      Pack of mini hair clips

      €11.99 €4.00
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      Hair clip

      €8.99 €4.00
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      Hair clip

      €8.99 €4.00
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      Hair clip with beads

      €9.99 €4.00
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      Hair headband

      €8.99 €4.00
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      Metal hairband

      €9.99 €4.00
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    Hair accessories

    At Misako we're not just experts in bags and luggage, sometimes it's the little things that can really pull a look together and hair accessories have the power to do just that. From scrunchies to tame your hair for everyday comfort to headbands to add a stylish touch to your outfit.

    Explore Misako's selection of hair accessories and instantly elevate your look with a twist. Our catalogue has the right one for you, whether you want a casual touch or something more sophisticated.


    Hair accessories for any style

    Whether functional, ornamental or a bit of both, hair accessories are an easy way to add a different touch to your hair. If you like to take care of the little details, we have the perfect hair accessories to complete your look.

    Such is their popularity that they have become an essential addition to every woman's wardrobe. They are really comfortable to gather the hair, totally or partially, to help to remove it from the face or even to make different hairstyles.


    A simple way to transform a look. Combine the hair accessory with the rest of the clothes thanks to its wide variety of designs it is perfect for all kinds of styles. From a boho style with turban headbands, a 90's style with coloured hair clips or even a chic style with headbands.

    At Misako you can find the best hair accessories, a great selection of designs ideal for any occasion. Whatever your style, we have the most flattering one for you.


    Crunchies and hair clips: the chicest hair accessories

    Hair clips are one of the most comfortable accessories to hold your hair away from your face or to create unique hairstyles. They can be used to decorate ponytails or buns and are on trend in maxi, scrunchie or even mini versions.

    The scrunchies are all over the streets, but above all they are worn in the way most seen on artists such as Rosalía or Ariana Grande: with a high half up-do decorated with a coloured scrunchie.

    The hair clip is the new trendy accessory, they are more complicated to wear, but they have conquered the streets. If you dare to wear them, don't be afraid to use different colours or big sizes together, anything goes!

    Take inspiration from the 90's with coloured clips and oversized clicks for a trendy look. Go for a different hairstyle and add a touch of colour with our hair clips, you'll look amazing!

    At Misako you can buy trendy hair accessories, from coloured hair clips to scrunchies in all shapes and sizes. We have a wide selection for you to find your favourite.


    Turbans and headbands for the hair: the most sophisticated accessory


    Headbands are a safe bet, they never fail and combine perfectly with the rest of your outfits. Combine it with a dress or a casual outfit to turn it into one of the most elegant and romantic.

    Perfect to wear with both long and short hair. You can use them for big celebrations such as weddings, birthdays or communions. They are able to enhance the hairstyle and will be the protagonist of the look.

    They are also part of the street style, ideal for everyday wear. When combined with more casual outfits, the headband is able to add a touch of elegance.

    Another trend for hair accessories is the headband turban. Ideal for a laid-back boho style, even to accompany you to the beach.

    Choose a tropical print design and it will become the star of your outfit. You can also opt for a more minimalist design for a chic and romantic touch.

    Take a look at our selection of Misako hair accessories, adorn your hair with your favourite accessory. Updo, half updo or slicked back, but always with a unique style.

    Discover the scarves and headscarves that go best with your hair accessories.