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  1. Kodila mochila de Misako frontal


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  2. Kart bolso de Misako small

    Kart bag

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Xisca big purse

€16.99 €8.50


If you are one of those who like to have everything at hand and be able to find your things easily, Xisca is the perfect purse for you.

Thanks to its unique compartment, you will have all your things in view with just opening the zipper of your purse. Inside you will find several compartments that will allow you to have everything perfectly organized. On the one hand, a space dedicated to documentation and cards, in the centre an inner pocket closed with zipper to store your coins and, finally, a third free compartment.

Xisca is made of chenille and leatherette, like the rest of its Collection. Discover it and combine it as you like.