Xis weekend bag



The Xis weekend bag is an accessory from Misako Travel Collection.

This bag is made with chenille and sections of leatherette. With double handles in leatherette too and tubular shape, this bag is ideal for your trips.

Its main opening is on the top of the bag and is zipper closure with a strip of leatherette on both sides to reinforce. The zipper closure can be released from the main body to give more space inside by two clicks. Inside you will find a large compartment to store everything you need on your trip. Inside you will also find different pockets to keep and have important objects at hand.

It is perfect for all types of travel, it is flexible easy to store.

It also has a long handle, in leatherette material to carry the bag crossed to the shoulder type, with carabiners to extract it.
Take the Xin weekend bag, and enjoy your most special getaways!

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