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Suedette and leatherette bags perfect combination!

At Misako we are always looking for the perfect fabric and the suitable combination because our accessories have a unique style and quality. That's why at the time of working with the leatherette we could not resist. The suedette is a material made in synthetic form with polyester fibre, simulates the velvet finish. With a rough surface and soft touch, the suedette texture is similar to peach skin. In Misako we have a large collection of handbags and other accessories made in suedette. Some models mix this material with the leatherette, achieving a perfect finish. The result basically is an elegant bag with a retro touch that gives a lot of personality, that's why we also decided to incorporate very nostalgic, neutral and soft colours like black, grey, cream or camel.

 All formats and styles in suedette bags

If you are looking for is a finishing bag in leatherette, you can find them in many shapes and sizes. We love them so much! From a large shopper bag to a small handbag, passing through backpacks, cross bodies, purses or wallets. You can make a whole set!

In Misako not only we want you take the item you love but also have the entire collection for your most special weekends or trips with all the accessories. That's why they are all so combinable, besides you have them in different sizes and shapes of the same finish and colour and also you can find many items for men and women so that could be perfect to go together.

How can I match my suedette bag? You will have many opportunities to take advantage of this article Misako. Perfect for those colder days for its warmth finish, but also for a night celebration in its smaller size and in black colour. However, our suedette handbags also lend themselves for the springtime in lighter colours, matched with jeans or with more cheerful and carefree styles. Do you already know how to combine them?

A top in quality and confection in suede

At Misako we share our passion for accessories, that's why our suedette bags are taken great care. Our goal is, the item that falls to your hands, not only follows the trends, but has to have the best quality with a sidewalk prices.

In addition, we don’t only talk about fabrics, in Misako we also look for durability in closures, sturdy zippers and quality seams and joints. All this set created, in short, a sturdy, beautiful bag that also never goes out of style.

In addition, in Misako we have a wide range of products with the same qualities, character and personality. Therefore, if you haven’t yet found your suedette bag or looking for any other accessory, don’t hesitate to see our virtual showcase through our website or come and visit any of our physical stores. Ask us about any purchase information and our shipping policy for the easiest way to have your favourite item of Misako.

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