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Misako reversible bags: Two in one!

They say that almost everything in this life has two faces or a hidden side. And in case of Misako we confirm it, but in a very positive way that you will love it. Have you ever had a reversible bag? If the answer is no, it may be the time. You won’t resist! At Misako we love creating useful and versatile accessories. The reversible bags are perfect to combine with different looks, as you can transform them in just a few seconds.

If you are one of those who prefer safe shopping, choose a reversible bag with the format you like most.

Two colours, with printed outer and smooth inside ... a reversible bag will be your new essential in your closet. Wear it in one way or another depending on the colours of your clothes. Take a look at our selection of reversible bags and discover a new way to transform your style.

Perfect for natural and carefree looks, they will combine perfect with jeans or light colours and also for their neutral colours you can combine them easily with a multitude of styles. Give your outfit a fun, elegant and free look with one of our reversible bags.

Different sizes and shapes in reversible bag

If you think of a reversible bag you can imagine a bag with a very specific shape and maybe not very stylish, but ... Nothing is further from reality! In Misako we wanted to create a reversible bag that would keep the same style or, maybe with more personality, if possible, than any accessory of our collection without this quality.

That's why our reversible’s Misako for Women are like a shopper bag or handbag, with all the style, touch, material and design that you deserve. Find them in different sizes and styles and choose the one that best suits your personality and needs!

Bags with two faces for your trips or breakouts

Due to their reversible nature, they are normally fluid and maxi-sized bags. That's why it becomes a very useful bag to put in a suitcase without any difficulty and that also allows you to change the colour when you turn around and give a different touch to your style while outside, instead of carrying more than one bag! A fantastic way to save space in your luggage.

In addition, our reversible bags are also highly combinable with any of our Misako accessories. Choose the one you like and add it, as a backpack, travel bag, suitcase, vanity case ... It’s your choice! You have between prints of the same collection in different items and different style and all Misako products that will be perfectly together giving you a retro and chic touch.

Our quality in bags supports us

Our only goal is not to create accessories, it’s to make that accessory you would like to wear it every day. That’s why we take maximum care of the details, the touch, the fabrics and the finishes so our products meet quality standards.

In addition, our designers are guided and inspired by the trends of the moment, but always bringing that touch of Misako inspiration. We reinvent the classics and reinvent them with a vintage touch but always with a fresh and new air. We love our designs!

Still have not decided on any of our reversible bags? Check now our entire portfolio of accessories through our website or visit any Misako establishment and make a quality purchase, quickly and conveniently. Check now all our shipping and information policy and receive your order in a few days.