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      Anti-Theft backpack

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      Small bum bag

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    4. Backpack with flap

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    Misako backpacks classic, simple or Boho We love them!

    Our style is what defines and makes us unique. Because when it’s chosen an accessory or complement it’s defined a little more our way of being. In Misako we share something that makes us special. We love backpacks!

    All of us have bags, purses, toiletry bags ... but, what is the next essential on the list? A backpack, of course! Because this complement since a few years ago has taken special prominence in the fashion world.

    One thing is for sure, a backpack regardless of style and the past of time, it will be a classic always exists in the trends.

    Misako women's backpacks, an easy to combine accessory.

    It can be perfect to go out with casual outfits and even with an elegant look for the office. The key lies in choosing the one that best suits you. It will also be a perfect ally for sports, hiking, go out on the weekend or make a short break or travel, etc. A perfect way to carry your belongings, travel bags , cabin baggages or clothes without worrying about carrying your bag too!

    A backpack is the perfect accessory for anytime that you need to carry all your personal belongings in the most comfortable way. Either, you will not lose a bit of style. Choose comfort and practicality for your day by day without giving up the best designs, materials and patterns with all kind of models that we offer.

    With Misako backpacks you will be perfect in any style and occasion.

    With no doubt, the backpack is an accessory that everyone should have anytime, sporty or stylish, smaller or larger. Adaptable with all the compartments and pockets you need! Our materials have high quality and good finish, that's why our backpacks are perfect if you are looking for a hard-wearing accessory that lasts many seasons.

    The leatherette and high-end fabrics are some of our premises for our accessories to be a top in your dressing room. Could you resist against not repeating with your new backpack? In Misako, we know it, and that is because our backpacks are suitable for any occasion :)
    You can choose a more classic or boho style, vintage or modern. In Misako we have the wide choice of backpacks for you to combine with your style and your daily look.

    If you like our women's backpacks, you will surely love the bum bags and purses that we have for you. And remember that we also have men's fashion ;)