Junior back-to-school backpacks

Fashionable youth backpacks for going to school or work.

It's almost back to school and in Misako all the new girls' backpacks are ready. If what you are looking for is a youthful, resistant and fashionable school bag, do not hesitate to buy your school bag from our new collection.

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    Junior back-to-school backpacks

    At Misako we know that buying a backpack for young people is not easy and must meet several requirements in addition to being designed to the latest in women's fashion as well as being designed to be robust, comfortable, ergonomic and functional. 

    Fashionable backpacks in all colours

    We are very aware that not all of us have the same taste or the same height, which is why we have designed our backpacks to adapt perfectly to your back and your look: with padded, comfortable and adjustable straps, while remaining a valuable object to wear not only at school, but also on your weekend trips, in the gym and, why not, in your evenings among friends.

    No back injuries when carrying a full backpack

    We also know that one of the fundamental things when preparing the backpack is the distribution of weight, it is very important that we always put the weight on the bottom so that it does not unbalance us or cause us injuries. For this reason, we have carefully studied its design, with compartments that can fulfil all these functions. 

    But, in addition, one of the strong points of Misako is that our designs are designed to be worn with all types of clothing. The boring, uncomfortable and heavy backpack is now a thing of the past. You will want to carry these with you everywhere! This year in Misako we put ourselves in your skin and we have created youthful school backpacks with zips, clips, buckles, with ribbon or anti-theft, in classic or vintage style, boho or sport. Look for the style that suits you best ;) 

    Distribute the weight throughout the backpack

    With your backpack well organized, you'll be able to find your pens at once instead of searching for them at the bottom of your bag between make-up and computer cables. You'll be able to keep your mobile phone handy, well protected and at the same time ready to answer that important message you've been waiting for. 

    We know very well that time is precious for you and that sometimes you hurry until the last minute, that's why being able to take out your bus or underground ticket while you are taking it by the hair is a question of organization and not of memory.

    Accessories to make the most of space

    And if you are one of those who thinks about every detail, don't forget our new cases, card holders, wallets and toiletries so you can keep all your personal belongings, your school material and your personal hygiene products well organized in your backpack.

    So if we've hit the nail on the head and you're looking for a backpack that can meet all these requirements, follow our advice: when buying a backpack think of a backpack that can keep up with you - your back will thank you for it!