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Trio party wristlet

€26.99 €13.50


Are you a trendy woman? Do you always go to the latest? Then you need the Trio party wristlet bag by Misako. It is an original bag made of leatherette characterized by its composition of three different bags converted into one.

There are three type bags over three different and consecutive sizes, in addition to different colours and textures. The smallest of them has a simile snake print in blue and beige shades, and the medium and large have flat colours matching the other shades of the pattern.

The three are united by a striking golden ring that we can easily extract to carry only one bag or several, combining them as we want. In addition, this ring carries a small strip of leatherette to wear on the wrist.

We can combine it with the Guai purse by Misako to make a fun and original combination.