100% organic cotton t-shirts

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Organic cotton T-shirts to protect our planet

Nowadays organic cotton t-shirts are a must in everyone’s closet, especially those who take care of their outfits and the environment. Human awareness about the footprint we leave on the planet is currently booming and no one should be disconnected from this reality.

The use of organic cotton is one of the most beautiful ways to contribute to nature health. Organic cotton has a big amount of advantages, but the main one is its environmentally friendly origin.


Moreover, men’s and women’s shirts made with organic cotton not only follow the latest fashion tendencies but do not lose style and comfort. Combine them with different accessories or with our bags or backpacks and be ready to shine!


Feel the softness of the organic cotton

The first thing you will feel when trying on one of our organic cotton models is its appreciated softness. All articles of our collection are equally comfortable regardless colour, size or sex.


We put the best efforts into our designs to make you feel comfortable with our clothes, regardless of whether you are wearing our belts, scarfs, or tees. All products are designed and produced with love and affection.


In fact, we are convinced that once you buy one of our t-shirts you will always repeat. Once the softness of organic cotton is tested, it’s difficult to go back to traditional clothes.


Misako T-shirts, show off different models and styles at any time

In Misako we want you to feel comfortable and that’s why your style and your look are so important for us. We offer you a section with the best women t-shirts with different messages. You don’t believe us? Just watch out for our models on this webpage and we are sure you will love them.


And what about men? We also have organic cotton tees for you, so you can also dress fashion while you help the planet. You can choose different models. From basic ones to printed or messaged t-shirts. There’s all you need in our catalogue so do not hesitate anymore to look for your perfect combination.


You already know that besides taking into account your comfort and the impact on the environment, we also care about the style we offer you. We want that white women's t-shirt which is waiting for you in our store to be perfect for you.


Perfect organic cotton t-shirts for him and for her

¿Who said organic cotton t-shirts were only for women? Unfortunately, a lot of people have this mentality but our mission as a brand is to change it. In Misako you can purchase at the best price a white t-shirt for man produced with organic cotton.


We put at your disposal unisex clothes, for him and her, so that everybody has what they like. We're that practical.


If you have already decided to buy one of our organic tees, you just have to contact us or go to some of our physical shops. We are waiting for you!