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    1. Large purse

      €21.99 €11.00
    2. Big purse

      €17.99 €9.00
    3. Large purse with zip

      €20.99 €10.50
    4. Large purse

      €17.99 €9.00
    5. - 50 %

      Medium purse

      €17.99 €9.00
    6. Purse

      €15.99 €8.00
    7. - 50 %

      Card holder

      €8.99 €4.50
    8. - 50 %

      Coin purse

      €20.99 €10.50
    9. Coin wallet

      €10.99 €5.50
    10. - 50 %

      Coin purse

      €16.99 €8.50
    11. Medium nylon wallet

      €18.99 €9.50
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    Purses and wallets by Misako. A perfect detail for not much money!

    They say that money does not bring happiness, but in Misako we are sure that it helps and even more if it’s in a purse like these. In addition, now you can get the best wallets and purses of the previous seasons with great discounts;)
    The purse is one of those essentials in accessories world, and probably sure we will always have one inside our handbag or backpack. Ideal to carry the coins, store other details or simply for using instead of the wallet, when we combine our look with a smaller bag or a handbag that does not fit into any size.

    The purse: natural, simple and useful

    In Misako we love purses! And it is a natural, simple and flirty way of carrying our coins without taking up too much room. That’s why we are so fond of choosing the quality, details and finishes of our purses.
    Besides, unlike some other wallets, purses can be given different uses, they don’t even have to contain coins necessarily. We can use them to carry small items such as jewellery, pen drives, keys and other precious objects.

    Purse and Wallets, all types and shapes

    In the accessories market we can find different purse and wallet formats for all tastes. And there are no limits! However, when we talk about purses we can distinguish different formats and shapes: the purse, coin purse and wallet.

    Coin Purse

    We understand by coin purse the small piece or sachet without departments or only a few, that would be destined to keep coins without carrying too many cards or documents. To this accessory we could give different uses according to purpose. It also takes up very little space! Many of them would have a small zip or clutch to give it a more vintage and classic touch.

    Purse (with or without) coin purse

    The purse is the one that we usually know how to use, all of them usually have a small department or several with zipper or small snap fastener so that we keep our loose coins and do not spread or damage the cards.
    Also, we would have many pockets or departments to order our documentation, credit cards and pictures.


    A wallet would be as the previous case without the department for coins, many times we can find it in the open, without zipper or cover and put inside a larger purse or handbag.

    A very special and unique piece

    As you well know, in Misako we take care of the style of our products and we get inspired by the latest trends and fashion for women, that's why our purses have the most beautiful patterns, elegant vintage or similar to the leather. Do not hesitate to combine them with a handbag or matching bags or also with the set of toiletry bag!
    We look for an optimal quality at the best price, that's why our purses are very soft, resistant and easy to wash.
    If you have already chosen your new purse or wallet that suits you, do not hesitate to make your purchase online and get your order in a few days.
    Have not you seen all our purses yet? Ideal as a gift!