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Lisa medium suitcase is part of the Misako Lisa travel collection. This suitcase is medium in size, you cannot carry it as hand luggage because it exceeds most of the measures allowed to board to the cabin, but it is great because it fits much more luggage for those medium-term trips for example.

Made ofprinted nylon material combined with camel coloured imitation leather trim, its earthy colours are perfect to wear any season of the year. It has a pocket with zipper on the front. Its main opening also has zipper closure with double metal handle and inside houses a large space, on the inside has a pocket with grid also with zipper closure.
It has two elastic straps with a belt closure to keep all the luggage fixed once inside the suitcase. Its semi-rigid structure consists of a metal handle on the top and four rotating wheels on the bottom. Thanks to its four wheels you can take the suitcase completely vertical without the need to lean. It also has two handles on the top and on the side, so you can take it by hand. At the top has a hook to carry also the big suitcase and the small one.

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