Enrica cabin bag

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Take your Enrica suitcase by Misako on all your trips, it is a useful, handy and super trendy accessory. It will be your travel companion, both for shorter trips and longer journeys, thanks to its wide range of formats: large, medium and small.
The medium and large format has four rotating wheels to carry the suitcase without inclination, since these formats usually carry more weight than the small one. The small format has two wheels on the back and two pieces so that it is standing at the front.
It launches a boat rudder pattern mixed with flowers, creating a very pop pattern, in burgundy, raw and blue shades, which combines with the camel coloured poly skin finishes.
This suitcase is made of plasticized polyester material, which gives a shiny effect to the surface.
At the top has an extendable handle. Its main opening is a zipper and has two pockets on the upper part also zipper closure in camel colour, which combines with the colour of the details in poly skin. On the side you have a handle to lift the suitcase and on the opposite side wears pieces of polyester in case you support the suitcase on the ground horizontally.