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  1. Kart bolso de Misako small

    Kart bag

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Nami cross body bag

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Nami cross body bag is a medium-sized handbag with an elegant and sophisticated character, specially designed for those looking for a trendy accessory that gives a special touch to any outfit.

Under the lapel, decorated with a logo of Misako as a plate and reinforced with magnetic clip closure, it has a pocket made of crocodile skin effect. The main compartment is accessed through a zipper closure and, inside, has a pocket with zipper closure.

Another detail that makes the difference in this bag, is the graceful strap hooked on one of the sides, also made in crocodile leather effect and with a metal ring where you can hang, for example, a pompom or tassel with fringes.
If you love classic-style accessories with trendy touches, this messenger bag is perfect for you.