Maska reusable hygienic mask

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IMPORTANT: The fabric used to manufacture the reusable hygienic mask cover has been approved by the textile industry research association (AITEX). It complies with the UNE0065 specification on reusable hygienic masks for adults and children. Fabric recommended by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Tourism.

For reasons of hygiene and safety against Covid-19, this article does not admit refunds.


In order to use the mask effectively and to avoid increasing the risk of transmission, it is essential to use and disinfect the mask bag properly. General recommendations for disinfecting the mask mask cushion

- Wash the mask cover at 60 degrees. Do not use products that can degrade or damage the materials and that reduce their protective capacity.
- It is recommended that the mask mask cushion be air dried and within 2 hours of washing.
- Environments in which the mask cover may become recontaminated (excessive temperature and humidity) should be avoided.
- A visual inspection should be performed after each wash cycle. If any damage is detected in the case, it should be discarded.