Lisa cabin bag



The small suitcase Lisa by Misako is a rigid travel accessory of square format, small size, ideal to carry as hand luggage.
It is made with printed nylon type material combined with smooth imitation leather in camel shade. The pattern of this bag consist of some rosettes in earth shades like it were drawn by hand, on a light background.

Its rear structure consists of an extendable metal handle in the upper, and at lower part has two rotating wheels, also has two pieces that serve as support. It has a main opening with zipper and double metal handle. In the internal part, it has a pocket with a zipper latch. It also has two elastic straps with belt closure to hold well once all the clothes are placed. On the outer front has a pocket also with zip closure.

You can hold the suitcase thanks to the handles that it has on the top and on the side, both made of camel-shade imitation leather. At the back you have a section to write and save your information. In the upper part it has a hook to be able to carry also the big suitcase and the median of the Lisa collection.

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