Jana big shopper bag

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Misako launches Jana shopper bag, a big-size handbag that will adapt wonderfully to all your spring outfits.
Made with a material that reminds the surface of rustic buffalo leather and with a handcrafted design full of high quality details, this model can be included in the line of bohemian chic spirit handbags.

In its frontal part and at the rear we find some vertical details that look as the perfect ornament with a pronounce handmade character. It also highlights by two pompoms with large fringes that hang from the top of centre.

Its large inside is accessed by a top zipper that discovers a zippered pocket and two open compartments that allow our personal items to be neatly arranged.
Its large handles to the cut and with an intermediate stitching, allow to carry the Jana bag perfectly to the shoulder or the arm.

Designed for those who know how to go freely without many things on hand, this model ensures a great use and enjoyment for 24 hours a day.