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Izaskun bag

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Izaskun bag arrives to Misako. This accessory is made of fabric with a cheerful multicolored zig-zag pattern. It also has some details in black synthetic leather, like some funny fringed pom-poms as a handle.

The flap is part of the bag's body. When we lift it, we discover the first compartment of the bag with a zipper, which is hidden from view. The second compartment is accessed by opening the zipper on the top of the flap, which is decorated with fringe pom-poms. This compartment is slightly larger than the previous one.

On the outside back of the bag we find a last pocket, ideal to carry whatever we want to have more at hand. Izaskun can be carried as a handbag or as a comfortable shoulder bag, and you can even adjust the strap to wear it at the height you prefer.