Misako Expand big suitcase for leisure



Expand suitcase Large is an accessory from our Travel Collection, specially designed for those long-term trips where you have to carry a lot of clothes and shoes, or for shorter but family trips.

The suitcase format is slightly wider and less tall than other of our models. In this way, the space is distributed better and is very practical when organizing your things. It has an extendable handle, a hand handle on the top, and two wheels on the back.

As compartments, in addition to the main one, the suitcase has an outer pocket on the front, to carry what you need to have more at hand.

Inside the suitcase there are adjustable straps that allow you to hold your luggage and that everything is well organized and safe.

At the back, it has an identification card on which you can write your contact information, in case you need to identify it at the airport. The zippers allow you to easily place a padlock for added security.

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