Cooper laptop backpack (13 inches)

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Cooper backpack by Misako from Men's Collection is an accessory with large dimensions, made entirely of leatherette with smooth finish. It has a unisex style, so it can be used for both men and women. It is an accessory that you can take to the office as well as to the university, it is very practical and comfortable. Rectangular has two main openings with nylon closure, inside the rear opening there is a compartment to carry the laptop padded with foam to prevent get damage. In the frontal opening it has several compartments inside. It also has a third opening on the front of the backpack, which is covered by a flap that is closed by two magnetic buttons. On the lapel has two strips with Cintron buckle as decoration. Cooper backpack has a sober and serious appearance, with very straight lines, but at the same time it is sporty and elegant. Its shoulder straps, which are padded too for the maximum comfort, can be adjusted and adapted to the desired height.