5 backpacks that revolutionize your return to the new normal

The return to normality implies a return to our daily routine, to escapes and to improvised plans. In Misako we have the ideal accessory for all these occasions: the backpack. Comfortable, practical and light: the backpack will be your perfect ally.

We usually associate backpacks with a sporty or casual accessory with which many women do not feel comfortable since they do not consider them suitable, for example, for the office or a walk with an elegant outfit.

Forget those prejudices and open your mind: at Misako we have trendy backpacks for all tastes (and budgets!). In this article we will show you the variety and versatility of the backpack category to find your favorite for each occasion.

Backpacks to protect against theft

If any backpack was to top the list, that would be the anti-theft backpack. A classic format and best-selling Misako that will conquer you for all the advantages it offers: comfort, practicality and security.

It has a wide variety of pockets and, in addition, you can carry it on your shoulder as a bag with its upper handle if the occasion requires it.  The versatility is 100%! The main compartment, with zipper closure, is located at the rear of the backpack, sticking to your back. This is why anti-theft backpacks are ideal for public transport, travel and sightseeing.

Forget worries about prying hands with Misako’s anti-theft backpacks and enjoy your walks and excursions. Whether you’re in the country or in the city, you’ll find models made of various materials, such as nylon or faux leather that will combine perfectly with sports looksand with the most chic looks.

Backpacks for your laptop

The return to school, university and office no longer belongs exclusively to September. The post-confinement has brought us thousands of returns and will continue to do so in the coming months.

At Misako we have the ideal accessory for the studio or office. It is a laptop bag in backpack format very versatile so you can carry your tablet, computer, books, agendas and notebooks comfortably and protected. In addition, they have other smaller pockets so you can store your smaller items.

The comfort of two handles on the back that perfectly distribute the weight of the load we carry is not at odds with style. In Misako you will find different models of laptop backpacks that will adapt perfectly to your softer outfits as well as to the more elegant ones.

Backpack bags

Bag or backpack? Backpack or bag? Doubting our daily looks and accessories is very common. At Misako we want to make it easy for you by bringing you a two in one that will make you fall in love: THE BACKPACK BAG. Its name leaves zero room for imagination, so in a clear and concise way we confirm that yes: it is a bag convertible into a backpack and vice versa.

There are many situations in which being able to change accessories can save us from a predicament:

  • Street or narrow road? I turn my bag into a backpack
  • Have I lightened my load? I turn my backpack into a bag
  • I didn’t carry any weight before, but now I do? I turn my bag into a backpack

The versatility of backpack bags is ideal and very practical (especially for the most undecided!). At Misako you will find many models of different formats, designs and made with different materials so that you can choose the one that best suits your style. Discover them and and get yours!

Leatherette Backpacks

The fact that backpacks are no longer sport accessories is something that we at Misako have very much in mind, so if your premise is to look well-dressed but casual we have the ideal accessory for you: synthetic leather backpacks.

Their design gives them an elegant look and makes them the perfect accessory for your chic looks. With our eco-leather backpacks you will get comfort and practicality without giving up the best designs, materials and prints of our collection.

You will find them in different formats, sizes and colors so you can choose the one that best suits your office, school or leisure routine.

Mini Backpacks

If you are a woman of essentials, your ideal backpack is the mini-sized one. Sometimes carrying too much weight is tiring and a bit of a burden. At Misako we believe that with a little organization, going light in your day-to-day is possible and for that reason we present you this format of backpack.

Despite its size, its main compartments are large and will allow you to carry something other than your keys, mobile and wallet like, for example, a notebook or a small bottle of water. In addition, like most Misako accessories, you will have smaller pockets ideal for organizing your smaller items.

Mini backpacks are trendy and perfect to travel comfortably and light. Its small format will give a casual look to all your looks, have fun combining them!

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