Back to the beach: The five Total Beach Looks

The scent of the sea, the sway of the waves, the salt in the skin…We’re dying to be able to step in our beaches once again! And that is because the coast is simply marvelous and has infinite options. From spending a day with our family with tuppers and inflatable cushions, to the long evenings that finish with a promenade in the night, drinking a cup at the most chic beach bar in the port.

2020 has come down heavily and surpassing any expectations and in Misako we want it to remain so: surprising.

So leaving behind the looks starring wide T-shirts, old dresses and advertising bags to put the towel into: we offer you five outfits to go to the beach that will not leave you indifferent, whatever your plan:

Comfortable and practical

If there is something that isn’t scarce in the beach is water and humidity. If you need to have everything under control, then we have the perfect solution for you: the PLASTIK collection from Misako. These accessories are made of plasticized cotton inside of it so your personal items remain intact while you enjoy splashes and water games.

You can combine it perfectly with basics from your wardrobe. Simplicity and comfort have ruled in all homes in these last few years and, without a doubt, they will be the protagonists of the street this summer. We recommend monochromatic clothing, shirtdresses or ruffle dresses, and comfortable high-heels. Minimalism and romanticism are back to stay. Undoubtedly, this collection will be one of your indispensable beach accessories for this summer.

Travel light

Have you ever heard that you don’t know what you have until you lose it? Walking with friends or spending the day with them has become one of those privileges we wish to recover. For those occasions we bet on clothes that help us focus on important things. Forget about big accessories and carrying too much weight on your shoulders: It’s time to enjoy!

At Misako we have a large variety of fashionable raffia bags and bum bags that will help you to not renounce your style in a comfortable and light manner. As a novelty, this season we have incorporated a raffia bum bag to the summer collection. It consists of small and practical accessories with the compartments needed so you can organize your phone, keys and wallet within them. You can combine them with trendy looks like total-white dresses or denim and flat sandals. Comfort and style had never been this close.

Boho Chic

Laidback, original, comfortable, romantic and with a little hippie influence, this style is one of the favorites for this summer. The Boho Chic returns to bring back the spring we couldn’t enjoy, with prints with vegetal and floral motifs.

These clothes are highly compatible with the whole Misako summer collection: round raffia baskets, handbags, raffia shoulder bags and shoulder bags of other materials like canvas will be your perfect allies. Its light shade will allow it to combine perfectly with your looks with the most ornate prints.

Long live the classics!

The raffia carrycots are a must-have in your summer wardrobe, and at Misako we have it in all materials and prints possible so you may find your favorite. The towel, snacks, purse, a water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses… There is no bag with the capacity we need to solve these needs with as much space as the carrycot.

If you’re asking yourself what to combine it with, we ask you to rephrase your question: what not to combine with? The raffia carrycots are compatible with any summer look just because that is their big message: SUMMER. And, as anything goes, we invite you to combine it with clothing with clothing with trendy prints for this summer like the raffia bag with floral, animal or lunar prints.

And don’t forget: there’s no summer without a carrycot!

Beach without sand

If you want to sport great looks away from sand and your land, then promenades and seaports will be your best allies: the party accessories. This summer, going for color diversity and unconventional, seasonal textures like leather is the trend.

So forget phrases like “this color is too wintery” and dare with it all. Revolutionize your wardrobe and have fun combining your favorite clothes with our selection of party bags from Misako, ideal for these occasions. We are ready to give strength to your looks with our collection of party bags!

Don’t forget that there’s a model for every occasion and handbags from the raffia collection are also an option. There is nothing more chic than your party raffia bag, and it doesn’t need to be a black raffia bag; remember that at Misako, we have the most diverse finishes.

And if you want to play it safe, remember that nylon is the perfect material for any season. It comes to stay, and thanks to its features, you will have total freedom to combine it with your day-to-day looks, not just sport looks. Your nylon bag will also be your best companion this summer.

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